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Preschool education is not just about art, music, dance, fun and fantasy. A good preschool program ensure setting comprehensive learning objectives and have a structured way to achive these goals in the child considering that every child is special, different and an individual in his/her own right.

A Quality preschool program resolves around the child. The 4 major components that are instrumental in shaping the learning of the child in school are z

  • The philosophy
  • The curriculum and methodology
  • The learning tools offered to the child
  • The teachers who facilitate learning

We are tightly integrating these 4 components in a way that will have the most beneficial impact on the dvelopment of the child. The core philosophy inspired by the Montessori method drives the curriculum, the curriculum is the foundation for the tools/ materials used in the preschool. Each material has been designed and manufactured keeping in mind the curriculum objectives and the philosophy. The teachers have been trained intensively on the philosophy, curriculum and the materials. so all the 4 components are interewoven and this results in an early learning program that will aid in building adults who are not only academically equipped, but also socially adopt & clear thinking individuals.

The Philosophy

A child with a purpose knowing what he wants to do next and is able to do it is the happiest. Out of this joy comes self-confidence & willingness to work. If such a child is equipped with the right tools, there is no stopping his way to excellence.

Resarch proves that Early Education is critical because:

  1. Braindevelopment is most rapid in the early years
  2. 75%of neural connectivity is complete by the ageof 7
  3. When the quality of stimulation isdeficient, child development is seriously affected.

Early years (2 to 6) is a unique stage of phenomenal brain development and learning in a child.The capacity to absorb concepts and learn is highest during this phase. Hence it is important to expose the child to a structured
environment which will provide adequate and appropriate stimulus for learninng

Every child has an inherent nature and intelligence that is peculiar to him. This varies from child to child and is the most important factor to consider when the child comes to school.



  • Development through work by hands
    Teachers are facilitators
  • Self-Learning Environment
  • Each Child at his own pace
  • Mixed Age Grouping
  • Encouraging the child’s inherent desire to do and learn
  • Freedom of choice
  • Independence
  • Inner discipline
  • Self –Correction
  • Daily observation and assessment
  • Socially vibrant Environment


The Environment

For  a Child below 6 , Curriculum comprises the environment  which in turn means the tools that we offer the child to learn .It is essential the a young child gets daily experience with learning aids which have specific usage, derived from the curriculum.

All areas of work for the child , both internal and external have been planned with extreme care to facilitate self learning , and implement the objectives set in the curriculum